Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Well we all know Rebecca Black unfortunately. She was interviewed on ABC a few days ago claiming that even though she was auto tuned and her voice is annoying that she isnt the worst singer in the world. She then did "friday" accompanied by some real douches pretty much proving that she doesn't really know the lyrics to the song and her voice is still unimaginably annoying. Congrats Rebecca we still think you're terrible. If you can manage to watch it long enough the guys at the end (2:23) made me lose my shit when they high-fived. I hope Beiber tells her to jump off a cliff.


Ingönyama said...

horrible song
nice post

Anonymous said...

shes horribly amazing lol the song is just classically bad

dmwilley said...

I know what I'm doing on Friday. FUN FUN FUN FUN

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