Digi art

Thursday, March 24, 2011

 Thought I would post a self portrait I drew a month back, it was my first digital painting and it is pretty flawed but I'm proud of it nonetheless. Thoughts? Should I continue my digital art or is it mediocre at best and I should stop? Also any requests as to what I should draw next would be appreciated if you like this.

In need of opinions...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
My fiance and I were ring shopping and I came across Moissanite, a diamond substitute. As I'm fond of diamonds and everything, I'm not so fond of spending ridiculous amounts of money. Looking at different websites I found many things that make me think it would be a great choice, but then again it is after all, not a diamond. I could live with the trace yellowing people claim it has but is it tacky to not have a diamond ring? Give me your feedback!
Roughly $5,000 more
Moissanite ring approx $500
Here is an article about moissanite. (It's a bit biased but has good info)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Well we all know Rebecca Black unfortunately. She was interviewed on ABC a few days ago claiming that even though she was auto tuned and her voice is annoying that she isnt the worst singer in the world. She then did "friday" accompanied by some real douches pretty much proving that she doesn't really know the lyrics to the song and her voice is still unimaginably annoying. Congrats Rebecca we still think you're terrible. If you can manage to watch it long enough the guys at the end (2:23) made me lose my shit when they high-fived. I hope Beiber tells her to jump off a cliff.

CP Distribufail

Came across this article today about this computer repair business that "accidentally" had pedobear next to "CP" in huge ass font even though one of the guys that worked there is a registered sex offender prosecuted for sexually assaulting a child. The woman who created the article claimed it was clipart she came across to use in the Ad, and claimed she had no idea what the bear actually meant (lol). I personally find this extremely hard to believe and I congratulate the woman for an awesome ad. SO, do you think it was on purpose or is it simply a coincidence? Read the full article: here


I'm joining the blogger bandwagon. I see a few funny pictures and videos per day so I thought I'd get a permanent place to share them with people. :3 Enjoy.